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7 May 2019

Blue Mountains Mystery Tours, also known as Australian Ghost Tours, is making its name in the country’s paranormal industry.

The Blue Mountains Mystery Tours: Not for the Faint of Heart
Paranormal tourism is now gaining worldwide popularity.

A number of ghost and mystery tours feature notable haunting sites where tragic incidents have happened and where the dead continue to haunt the living.

Blue Mountains Mystery Tours, also known as Australian Ghost Tours, is making its name in the country’s paranormal industry. Owned and operated by Peter and Glenne Clifford, Blue Mountains Mystery Tours has conducted tours and events in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area since 2002. Peter and Glenne, both born and raised in the Blue Mountains, have private access to secret locations that are off-limits to the general public.
By day, you can experience a scenic tour along the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. As recorded by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, the area is a million hectares of national parks and wilderness dominated by temperate eucalypt forest with exceptional biodiversity and geological features. It is also highly valued for its aboriginal heritage.

After dark, you can go for a chilling ghost hunting adventure that Pete and his team have thoroughly prepared. These tours allow you to explore the myths and legends that inhabit the Greater Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Ghost Bus Tour
BMMT offers a ride on “Buster”, their travel Ghost Bus; and this is the only tour in the Blue Mountains where you can learn about tales of murder, mishaps, hangings, and many more.
Buster will take you on a journey to mysterious sites and historic buildings like the Hartley Historic Village, where the ghost of Victoria Pass, "The Lady in Black", still lingers. The Ghost Bus will drive you deep into a secluded cemetery where convicts were buried.

Lithgow State Mine Museum Ghost Tour
The mining museum showcases the industrial history of the western coalfield. One of the highlights in the museum is a multimedia presentation with a holographic image of Marion Curry narrating stories about the tragic fire incident and the everyday risks faced by miners in the mine. It gives a glimpse of the adversities endured by mining communities in Lithgow before.
You can see the towering poppet head outside of the museum, examine a collection of coal mining artefacts, and relate to the life of a miner as you sit in the restored miners' transport.
The bathhouse is another highlight of the museum, where part of it displays some of the original shower facilities once utilised by the miners.

Lithgow Eskbank House Ghost Tour
Initially opened as a house museum, the Eskbank House exhibits Lithgow’s rich history. It was built in 1842 and it contains early Victorian furniture, including a collection of Lithgow pottery and memorabilia.
Explore the coach house, cottage gardens, rustic relics around the museum, and even ride the “Possum”. This tour allows you to wander around the house in the dead of night.

Cemeteries Ghost Tour
It will never be a complete ghost tour experience without cemeteries. Every paranormal enthusiast likes a good graveyard scare—especially at night!
On this tour, Pete and his team will take you to several cemeteries where they have experienced hundreds of unexplained paranormal phenomena in the past 35 years. It gets more exciting once Pete starts to connect with ghosts through different methods of spirit communication.

Hill End Paranormal Investigation & Ghost Tours
Hill End was a gold mining town, which flourished during the 1850s gold rush but was plagued with scarlet fever. Now, a ghost town with around 100 residents, Hill End is proclaimed as a historical site by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.
On this tour, Pete will recount Hill End’s past and stories of hardships experienced by the miners and their families. Explore the town’s well-preserved heritage homes and mine relics. Immerse yourself into its local legends, mysteries, and paranormal sightings. You may even meet one of the long dead for real!

Hartley Paranormal Tour
Legend has it that a “Lady in Black” haunts Mount Victoria, scaring travellers and even causing accidents to a number of drivers.
A poem was written about it by a famous Australian poet named Henry Lawson. It was entitled “The Ghost at the Second Bridge” wherein he described the ghost as “a lady dressed in black with a white face, a dull dead white, and eyes opened wide.”
The ghost was said to be of a young woman from Hartley Village who was found dead along the side of the road on Victoria Pass in the early 1840s. She was bludgeoned to death, her head smashed with a huge rock. To this day, sightings of the Lady in Black along the pass are still being reported.
In 1837, a courthouse was built in Hartley, where a constant stream of convicts was dealt with. The town was once a major judicial and administrative centre until it fell into decline. It’s now a historic village, listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register. Among its prominent structures are the St. Bernard’s Catholic Church and The Shamrock Inn.
Take this tour with your heightened senses for a full-on paranormal experience as you explore the 1830s Hartley Historic Site.

Myths, Legends & Skywatch Tour
BMMT offers an interactive tour where Pete shares his experiences with the paranormal. You can get a chance to use their ghost hunting equipment like thermal imaging cameras, infrared and night vision cameras, EMF detectors, and other gadgets. They will also take you to where sightings of black panthers, yowies, UFOs, and ghosts have been reported.
Boost your paranormal adventures and hear the phantom whispers with Blue Mountains Mystery Tours. Experience real Goosebumps and the coldest breath of horror.

Book a tour now or call them at 0247 512 693- 0418 416 403 today!

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