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29 Sep 2018

Join Pete, John and Jacob for a night of investigation and experiments for our retro themed Paranormal Investigation and Experiments event. Historic Woodford Academy is the oldest surviving colonial building in the Blue Mountains, this historic venue is reported as one of Australia's most haunted Inn’s but on this night you can be the judge.
Each of your hosts has decades of experience investigating, researching and capturing the paranormal. The team also has extensive knowledge of paranormal activity at the site.

This retro investigation will allow you to gain access to gear such as:

• Retro ghost hunting gear,
• Thermal imaging video cameras,
• Full spectrum cameras, Night vision camera, SLS Camera,

You will also have the opportunity to participate in a range of experiments, including:

• Creating a lock off space
• 80’s EVP/instrumental trans-communication
• Parapsychology
• Spirit table/crystal ball communication session