The biggest planet in the solar system Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth, fortune and good luck is about to enter the dark mysterious waters of Scorpio on 11 October 2017.

Jupiter has been traveling through the air sign Libra over the last year where he has been focused on themes around relationships, justice, balance and equality both personally and within the collective.

Now as he descends into the psychological depths of Scorpio there will need to be a transition in our expectations. As Jupiter is usually quite optimistic and is able to see the big picture in all things where as Scorpio is emotionally intense and is not afraid to look into the shadows. As Jupiter traverses the depths of the underworld we will come face to face with some truths as Scorpio likes to leave no stone unturned. Relationships will be more intense, deeper issues of intimacy and shared resources will come to the forefront.

Personal finances and global finances will come under the microscope this could involve loans, debts and taxes and the workings of Big Business.

 Issues around our own personal power or lack of it can come to the surface over the coming year for us to grapple with. It’s a time for us to dig deep and find the jewels within instead of giving our power away.

There can be an increased insight and focus around new ways of dealing with Life and Death. The debate around euthanasia continues, in Victoria a bill to legalise assisted dying for terminally was put to parliament on 20 September 2017 with a conscience vote expected by the end of the year. How we face death and how we honour our loved ones passing in a more meaningful way are other areas of focus.

Taboo topics and secrets are likely to come to the forefront which could be uncomfortable or truly enlightening as you purge and release and ultimately transform areas of your life. For instance a childhood trauma could arise or a deeply held secret may need to be analysed with a trusted professional or friend.

Issues around water may become more prevalent for example how we nourish and hydrate ourselves with water. There is likely to be increased awareness of pollutants in our oceans, rivers, lakes and catchments awareness how we are poisoning the water through chemicals and waste which is affecting our marine life.

The sign of Scorpio is deep, dark and intense and can be obsessive. So use the opportunity to fully devote yourself to a project or dream. Totally use this powerful energy to transform your life.

Aries –

There is potential for growth and expansion around joint finances, sharing resources, and taxes. Relationships could prove to be quite intense over the next year; you want to deeply connect with your partner.  You may want more in the partnership; you may be looking at making a deeper commitment as in marriage or moving  in together.  This may see you merge assets which could see you and a partner making an investment or buying a property together.

 The coming year may see you dig deep and work hard at eliminating any debts/ taxes or you may take out a loan which can enhance security for your future. Business partnerships may progress and new opportunities may reveal themselves in order for the venture to expand.

Taurus –

There is potential for growth and expansion around intimate relationships or confidantes, even those whom you share your home. Couples may experience a growth period where   they can connect in a more deep and meaningful way, allowing for more passion and intensity to occur. If single it could prove to be a lucky time to meet that special someone - make the most of any opportunities and take up invitations to get out there and socialise more over the coming year.

Gemini –

There is potential for growth and expansions around work, health and daily routines which can see you transform yourself over the coming 13 months. This can be a year when you can totally transform your body either through losing weight or weight training or addressing a long term health issue. This is an ideal time to focus on how much time you spend on your daily activities or your focus might be on your job. Do you work at a job that you love or does it drain you making you feel exhausted. You may be called to find more meaning in your job you may be asked to take on a project at work or just to change up your daily chores to enable your workload in other areas of life to be less strenuous.

Cancer –     

There is potential for growth and expansion around the concept of romance, joy, fun and children over the coming year. There may be an opportunity to become romantically involved with someone special and can bring more fun and romance to an existing partnership. Lucky opportunities around children can mean giving birth to a child or creative project. This cycle may see you spending more time with children or celebrating their achievements. Make the most of the year’s lucky energy finding joy doing the things you love whether that be going out to that fancy restaurant or pursuing a passion that makes your heart sing.

Leo –

 There is potential for expansion and growth around home, family and living arrangements over the next 13 months. This could see an improvement in your living situation either through renovating or relocating to a bigger property or downsizing. This could see more movement in the family home may have extended family visiting or may find more meaning spending time with family members and connecting on a more intimate level. It could be that you are spending more time at home exploring your genealogy and connecting to your roots.

Virgo –

There is potential for growth and expansion around the idea of communication, travel and siblings over the coming 13 months. This period can be an ideal time to focus on all forms of expression which could see you take up some sort of study as a real thirst for gaining knowledge becomes important to you.

You may be presented with an opportunity to teach or you may find the opportunity to finally write that long dreamt of novel. Jupiter may see you further explore your neighbourhood or travelling to places you have never ventured to or perhaps doing some short excursions from which you gain much meaning. You may spend more time with siblings, reconnecting with them or even plan to do some travel together that can prove beneficial to the relationship.

 Libra –

There is potential for growth and expansion around your money, what you earn and on what you spend your money. Do you want to make that big purchase of something you have been saving up for years? You might now be ready to make the investment. There may be an offer of a new job over the coming year or increased earnings and with that you may see yourself spending more.

But possibly more important go within and find out what’s important to you, what do you value, how can you improve your self esteem and self confidence over the next 13 months.  This may see you digging down to the root cause of any self confidence issues.

Scorpio –

There is potential for growth and expansion around your self identity, who you are at your core of your being, the image you present to the world. This cycle is one of self discovery diving in deep, finding out what is personally meaningful to you. There are opportunities to completely transform your ego and personality. This may be a period of releasing and letting go of self belief patterns that no longer serve you. This energy can totally transform your whole appearance from losing weight, changing style of clothes, makeup and hairstyle.

Sagittarius –

There is potential for growth and expansion around faith and or spirituality. This cycle offers you a chance to slow down and withdraw more and allow for a more contemplative approach to life over the coming year. Where possible make the time to journal, meditate and get away from it all by scheduling some alone time or literally go on some sort of a retreat. There may be an interest in studying spiritual, religious or metaphysical subjects that can transform the body, mind and spirit connection.

Capricorn –

There is potential for growth and expansion around your friendships, groups you belong to and/or your hopes and wishes. Friends may prove to be lucky over the coming year; they may offer you a lucky break or just being with a friend at the right time may lead to something meaningful showing up in your life. It’s a great period to put yourself out there make the most of any invitations to events or consider joining a team sport or club. Jupiter can offer you the support to finally accomplish a long held dream.

Aquarius –

There is potential for growth and expansion mostly around your career. There is potential for lucky breaks and opportunities to travel for work this year. There may be public recognition from past efforts in your career which may result in a promotion or opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight and advance in your career.

There may be opportunities to study or teach over the coming 13 months. There may be a deep inner calling from your soul questioning if you are in the right career or your soul may be calling out for a deeper experience to find your true path, vocation or calling.

 Pisces –

There is potential for growth and expansion in the areas of higher learning and/or  long distant travel. There may be potential to broaden your horizons and seek out new experiences through travel and adventure over the coming year. Opportunities may present themselves to expand your world view by enrolling in a course of study that opens your mind to concepts you have never before considered. There may an increased desire to study spirituality, religions or philosophical texts which will increase your understanding of other beliefs,     cultural perspectives and any subject that offers wisdom.

Glenne Clifford 9 October 2017 ©