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December 2017 Horoscopes-

Relationships are a strong theme this month with passion planet Mars in this sector revving up intensity and desires. The beginning of the month can bring up unexpected developments between yourself and a loved one so make the most of the opportunities to get projects moving or there may be some tension. The end of the month brings an opportunity to slow down and unwind and to relax into the festive season. The next 2.5 yrs year is likely to be busy period with the focus being on your career and life direction.

Finances will be a strong theme this month what you spend and earn and monies you have connected with a partner, loans and debts. The Full moon on the 4th may bring challenges around personal finances, may need to set a budget before splurging on those Christmas presents. The new moon on the 8th is a great time to make some intentions around joint monies and desires you hold with a partner this may include ways you can eliminate debt or deciding to make a long term investment for the future.

The last 2.5 years has seen the taskmaster of the zodiac Saturn apply some hard truths around personal or business relationships. This testing period may see many partnerships strengthen and consolidate or cracks may have begun to appear that need addressing. Mercury your ruling planet will also transit here the first 3 weeks of December bringing an opportunity to reflect on past successes and offers a chance to pause, revise and review on the future moving forward.

Your workload has been rather heavy over the last couple of years; this includes your area of work and the business of your daily routines. Saturn the planet of hard work has been transiting this area which may have resulted in extra stresses which could have seen your health or energy levels affected. The recent move of Jupiter into your house of fun, joy, romance, and children will help to lighten the mood. Saturn the commitment planet will move into your relationship zone at the end of the year, so if you’re looking for love make the most of any invitation to mingle and have some fun over this festive season.

Try not to burn the candle at both ends this festive season; you may be having so much fun attending all those Christmas parties and splurging on gifts for loved ones earlier in the month. On the 22nd life becomes a little bit more serious with added responsibilities and commitment leading up to Christmas day which could see you running all over the place but ultimately achieving what you need to make this festive season sparkle.

The spotlight is honed in on home and family this month this may be in preparations for the holiday season or from previous changes around the home or have been happening internally within you. Your traditional ruler mercury will be retrograde here also offering some time to pause and reflect and revise areas concerning what’s happening at home. Remember to enjoy some time with loved ones before you get out your to do list for the coming year. Be sure to take some time out and spend it on what your love and bring a bit of fun into the festive season.

Your traditional ruler the planet of love and beauty Venus will be in your house of communication during December. This may allow for sweeter thoughts to now enter your mind as the taskmaster Saturn has been here over the last couple of years and could have been adding extra responsibilities around communication, travel and around relationships with siblings.

With Saturn being in your house of money for the last couple of years may have brought challenges to your earning and spending. This may have resulted in needing to tighten your budget or could have seen you putting in more hours in order to meet your responsibilities. On the 10th Mars, the action planet will move into your first house which could bring added drive and motivation around standing up for yourself and making yourself a priority.

For many Sagittarians, the weight of Saturn being in your own sign over the 2.5 years has been burdensome and challenging at times, to say the least. It’s likely to have been a period of real growth and a time of maturity and taking responsibility that may have been needed. The new moon on the 18th is an ideal period to make a fresh start and beginnings around what you would personally like for yourself going into 2018.

December may prove to be a quiet month where the spotlight is to retreat from the world and to attend to your health. A great period to journal, meditate and to catch up on that much needed rest. The Full Moon on the 4th may seem challenges arise at work and result in some tense words exchanged as may feel pulled between what you want and what others want.

Jupiter will be in your house of Career over the coming year indicating growth and expansion around your chosen profession. This is ideal for promotion and making the most of opportunities that come your way and may even see you travel for work over the next year. Friendships and groups you have been involved could have proved difficult over the past couple of years testing your friendship and commitment to them.

There may have been some hard fought battles regarding career and your purpose over the last couple of years. This may have seen you at least question your direction and commitment and resulted in you having to face realities about what you would like to accomplish. You may be drawn to study some metaphysical or esoteric subjects and /or to travel and explore places and culture that peak your interest over the coming year.


Glenne Clifford December 1 2017


Jupiter in Libra-The year in review-

The planet of good luck, expansion and growth has cleared its shadow and will speed through the last degrees of Libra over the next month until he moves into the deep waters of Scorpio.

Jupiter first entered Libra on 10 September 2016. In Greek mythology Jupiter  known as the Olympian God Zeus was married to his devoted wife Juno who was loyal and faithful unlike Zeus who had a hunger for other women and would get up to all sorts of tricks to seduce the women he admired. The theme over the last year has centred on relationships, fairness, equality and where balance and harmony was needed in your life.

We have seen great strides around marriage equality which has raised debate between the yes and no parties. The major theme of relationships has featured strongly with many marriages and divorces.  Famous splits Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie, Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor and marriages Pippa Middleton, Jacinta/ Buddy Franklin. There has been a raised awareness around domestic violence.

In the workplace we have seen penalty rates being cut on weekends whilst ensuring it is fairer for businesses but not for employees. We have seen many cuts in funding and money being channeled into less important areas which favour big business, government, share holders and the like.

On a positive note we have seen more co-operations, negotiation around community events, rallies and a rise in people coming together to support causes. We have seen a rise in the Divine Feminine, reconnection to the natural world and honouring the original Goddess and mother earth.

The sign of Libra is all about justice we have seen continual evidence that our justice system is not in alignment with general public thinking. There is no continuity in the sentencing or the bail system.

Reflect over the coming month how the theme of relationship, equality and fairness has played out in your life over the last year. This may have resulted in working on issues in your partnership where there was a need for more compromise and negotiating peace deals. At its worst, this theme of relationships could have meant separation for you and your partner. This may have played out for you in your career around workers rights or funding cuts. It’s time to make peace with what has been raised for you as we are about to go much deeper with the upcoming movement of Jupiter into Scorpio on 11 October 2017.

Glenne Clifford 20 September 2017.



Post Eclipse Magic and Integration

The recent Eclipse on the 22 September 2017 was one of the most watched events of 2017.With so many people traveling to witness the eclipse in its totality or watching it via NASA.

Whether you felt the eclipse personally or just witnessed it in the collective through Politics, Terrorism, violence and for those in Australia discussion about the marriage equality vote has dominated the news.

For many people the eclipse has personally touched them and there is an awareness of not feeling the same anymore that something deep and powerful has shifted within. It’s noticing an area of life that just feels different that feels changed.

The eclipse has brought huge themes around Shadow, the shadow within and seeing the shadow also in the collective. Many who witnessed the eclipse commented at the time of the eclipse there were moon shadows on the ground and people could also see their own shadow reflected on the earth. The shadow within us is illuminated and if we don’t consciously acknowledge it, the shadow will come out in our life as all sorts of drama. Pause look at the shadow, take notice, don’t run because as you expand the shadow you also expand the light within you also.

This eclipse was on the Leo/Aquarius axis representing ego, identity, where you are to shine and where you fit in with groups, your tribe, community and your hopes and wishes. The New Moon Solar Eclipse was in Leo a sign of royalty, leadership and pride and it is asking us to be a sovereign to ourselves to be whole within and not coming from a place of EGO.

This Eclipse has asked us to stand up and shine but also has brought up our fears around wanting to be seen and then not wanting to be seen. Not feeling appreciated vs. not being able to receive appreciation.

Its observing, noticing what has come to the forefront, what has unfolded for you during August 2017.An Eclipse just doesn’t happen and then it’s over the affects can last anywhere from six months to years till you fully integrate all the energy that has been released at this time. Breathe don’t rush it’s time to slowly process the gems that have been revealed during this eclipse.

Take notice of the messages you receive over the coming weeks and months as the personal planets continue to activate the eclipse point. The action planet Mars will aspect this spot on the 2nd/3rd September motivating us to take action and  move forward on some of the insights we have received. On the 5th September the communication planet Mercury will station direct on the eclipse point bringing insights and a download of new information.

The light of Sun /EGO and Moon/feelings has been eclipsed and has brought us to a point of breakthroughs and huge shifts in consciousness. There is so much magical energy in this eclipse that we need to tap into before moving forward so below is where the eclipse was for each star sign. If you know your Ascendant sign read that also.


Breakthroughs and awareness through your creative self expression how do you want to express your unique self. It’s all about joy, laughter and finding ways to bring more fun into your life. Lighting up the area of romance, find new love or bring more love into an existing relationship. Listen for messages around following your heart’s desire finding your passion and purpose.


Breakthroughs and awareness can come through your home and family it’s about paying attention to your domestic situation. It’s all about how you nurture and support yourself. This is all about your foundations you need to know who you are  make sure your comfortable with yourself before putting yourself out in the public. Building strong ties within your family or releasing ties and bonds that no longer serve you.


Breakthroughs and awareness through your mind, you have new mental powers. It’s like a whole new perception has been downloaded at the time of the eclipse and you now need to share your messages. You have this brand new mind and seeing life with a whole new perspective. Relationship with siblings has likely undergone some changes during this eclipse.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through self worth believing you are worthy and finding love and compassion for yourself. Nurturing and nourishing your talents and gifts and release patterns and roles that no longer serve you. The focus is on resources; keep an eye out for opportunities to make money, ideal to practice manifestation techniques.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through being a sovereign to one self being whole within oneself. It’s about having the confidence to stand up and shine and not be scared to be noticed. Insights around how you want to present yourself to the world including clothing, makeup and hairstyle. It’s around Insight about how you want to be seen and how much you want others to see the real you.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through working behind the scenes away from the spotlight. This can include dream work, meditation, writing a book or doing some sort of retreat from the world. Insights may arise around fears that hold you back and time spent consciously resolving this may be a key to moving forward.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through focusing on our hopes and wishes what it we really desire. We may need to release friendships that hold us back or groups we have associated in the past that are no longer aligned in the same direction. Insight can be gained by finding your tribe and feel connected to the community. This is about finding joy and what pleases you instead of focusing on pleasing others.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through asking you to focus on your ambitions what is it you want to achieve in the outside world. Is it your desire to move up the ladder get that promotion or do you desire to start your own business. It’s about feeling you are following your calling and if not need to let go and say goodbye to that work.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through contemplating the meaning of life. It’s about thinking the big picture view of life. Focus on higher learning, overseas travel and connecting with foreign people or cultures that enrich your view of the world. Follow what uplifts and inspires you.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through new sources of income coming in. It’s a time of transformation and change where you’re more perceptive to the psychic world and can see the dark side in human nature. Look at where you give your power away and how you allow others to use guilt or manipulation to control you or vice versa.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through your relationship with others. This could be a personal relationship with a partner or a business partner where new ventures are started. It’s a time of better communication where insights can be revealed about others that you may have not seen before. Awareness around who are your enemies who you can trust it’s about maintaining clear boundaries and allowing others to show you who they are before you blindly trust them.


Breakthroughs and awareness come through your daily work life and routines. If you’re working at a job you hate look for an escape route. Find your passion make a conscious effort to change your daily patterns to include exercise and a better eating plan to build your strength up to make the changes you need to make around work.

Glenne Clifford 26th August 2017.



New Moon Eclipse -Tuesday 22nd August 2017 Sydney 4.30am

Building to this final eclipse of the year has many of us exhausted from all the releasing of the past and letting go of what no longer serves us. Eclipses make shadows visible and bring up the dark within ourselves and the collective in aiding us to try and integrate parts of self.

During this eclipse tunnel the energy has been intense and building to a climax in preparation for us to plant the new seeds for our future. We also have had the winged messenger Mercury move retrograde causing the areas he rules such as communication, travel, technology and all forms of paperwork to go haywire. Mercury’s descent into the underworld allows for things to come up and gives us an opportunity to revise, redo, and revisit any area of your life needing attention. On Sept 5th the communication planet will station direct right on the same degree the eclipse was on. Realisations connected to the eclipse will become consciously understood at this time.

This new Moon Eclipse is in the sign of Leo all about self empowerment, personal power, leadership, where you shine, and the creative playful side of self. The shadow side of Leo is greed, abuse of power and narcissism can also come to the forefront.

At the time of the eclipse many are choosing to meet up in person or via live FB streams to connect globally and meditate whilst sending light out into the world during the shadow period. This can be done individually or can just sit quietly and set your intentions at the time or soon after.

New moon eclipses act like a wild cards you never know what you will get; you can’t tell if it is good or bad as you don’t know what is needed on a soul level.

At the time of the eclipse the North node of destiny is being activated Suring you are heading in the right direction. The days following the eclipse the action planet Mars will increasingly motivate you to to take action and assert your desires.

One of the Royal fixed stars Regulus is featuring strongly at the time of this eclipse. There is lots of connection to royalty and leadership and to power and who is in charge. Regulus stays in sign for over a 2000 year period and in the last couple of years has moved into the sign of Virgo calling on there to be a huge shift around leadership. For our leaders and those in leadership roles to be more of service, to be more caring, to be more authentic. Hopefully this will call for leaders to be more committed to their own inner work and to serve humanity.

It’s not a time to take great strides and to force things to move forward especially if there is no outward signs to do so. Plant the seeds and wait and watch for the signs to present themselves over the coming weeks.

Over the next couple of weeks practice extreme self care as can literally feel exhausted. Honour what your body needs to do rest, eat nourishing food and liquids. Purge and purify any toxic relationships and be willing to step through the doorway when an opening occurs.

May doors of wonderful opportunities present themselves during the coming months; as things can continue to unfold up to six months after the eclipse.

Glenne Clifford 18th August 2017



Partial Full Moon Eclipse-8th August 2017 at 4.10am

For early risers, a partial eclipse will be visible across Sydney (weather permitting).Viewing begins at 3.22am with maximum partial eclipse at 4.20am with the Moon appearing slightly orange.
Like all Full moons ideal for releasing, forgiving and letting go of the past. The full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius leading us to think about things in a new way and to observe life instead of reacting.
Eclipses run in pairs and the next eclipse will be a total Solar eclipse in two weeks dubbed the great American eclipse or the super bowl for astronomers and astrologers as can be viewed right across America.
Glenne Clifford 6 August 2017


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CLUB WINDANG with Kerrie Erwin 14th July 2017

We had great night at Club Windang in Wollongong for the Kerrie Erwin Show.
It was an awesome night with some colourful characters tears, loads of love and laughter.



Happy Winter Solstice-21st June 2.23pm (AEST)

Solstices herald the change of seasons. We are at the point furthest from the Sun where day and night reach their maximum inequality giving us in the Southern hemisphere the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. Solstices give us a chance to pause, slow down and reflect on the past 6 months before we take our next step.
Glenne Clifford 21st June 2017



Archangels and Goddesses associated with each star sign.

I was inspired to set up a new alter after attending manifesting workshop with Kerrie Erwin. I'm off to a new Moon workshop also this weekend so felt inspired to write out Archangels and Goddesses associated with each star sign.You can use for own sun sign or follow the Moon cycles.Eg This Friday is the exact new moon in Gemini the Goddess Saraswati so ideal to do meditation or work with this Goddess and Archangel Zadkiel.

Aries-Archangel Ariel/Goddess Athena

Taurus- Archangel Chamuel/Goddess Abundantia

Gemini- Archangel Zadkiel/Goddess Saraswati

Cancer- Archangel Gabriel/Goddess Diana

Leo- Archangel Raziel/GoddessMedusa

Virgo- Archangel Metatron/Goddess Ceres

Libra- Archangel Jophiel/Goddess Lakshmi

Scorpio- Archangel Jeremiel/Goddess Kali

Sagittarius- Archangel Raguel/Goddess Fortuna

Capricorn- Archangel Azrael/Goddess Juno

Aquarius- Archangel Uriel/Goddess Isis

Pisces- Archangel Sandolphon/Goddess Kuan Yin

Credit-Archangels and Goddess names Yasmin Boland  Moonology.




Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system is on the move he spends roughly a year in each zodiac sign and has now moved into the sign of love, relationship, balance, diplomacy and co-operation. Jupiter is said to be the lucky planet, the planet of growth and opportunities but also the planet of excess so can expand the areas he is traveling through either positively or negatively.
Jupiter will spend the next year enlarging your big picture view around partnerships either marriage, business, friendships. This could see a lot of weddings, proposals or divorces and new business partnerships. The sign Libra wants balance and fairness and wants to connect and work with people.
If you know your personal chart then read your Ascendant or rising sign. If you don’t know read your star sign below.

Aries – Relationships romantic/ business can expand and grow this year could be spending more quality time together. A marriage or making a commitment this year is favorable. Some relationships will be enlarged so much that some action will be required resulting in needed to make changes or needing to bring completions.

Taurus –Good opportunity to take stock regarding your health, wellness look at what adjustment need to be made maybe more exercise and a better eating habits. Work routines and daily duties come under the microscope may take on extra duties or need to become better organized.

Gemini –Expansion and growth around love, romance and happiness spending more time with your partner having fun. Children you’re own or others in the spotlight, opportunities to fall pregnant if your desire or give birth to a creative passion.

Cancer – Your home, family relationships, living arrangements could see expansion and growth either through renovations, moving to a bigger home or downsizing. This can be a homely period may spend more time at home this cycle and write a book or research your family history.

Leo – Seek out new experiences for self-expression, communication, writing, and teaching. Great time to connect and network with siblings or neighbors may you see you exploring and having some adventures either though short trips or short courses.

Virgo – Will start to look at what you earn and what you want to do with your money how you want to invest it. Look at what you value; what is important to you at this time. Self worth and confidence is a theme so push past any boundaries and have confidence.

Libra –This cycle is all about you putting yourself forward. Take up new opportunities to get yourself out in to the world. Experiment with clothing, style how you present yourself to the world Personality, appearance, attitudes, thoughts, habits and behaviors are all for revamping.

Scorpio –A great opportunity to develop your spiritual side through meditation, retreat, journaling, yoga, reflection and downtime. This is a time to commune with the divine and nature; you only get this opportunity once every twelve years.

Sagittarius – This could be potentially a busy period with lots of social activities. Connections with friends new and old could see you seeking out new experiences. Also seek out new experiences around community groups or humanitarian causes.

Capricorn – Opportunities around your career could see a new job or increased opportunities in your current role or alternatively leaving a job that no longer holds any further growth and abundance for you.

Aquarius – Potential to broaden your horizons and seek out new experiences through travel, adventure. Opportunities to expand your world view through enrolling in a course of study. May become interested in spirituality, philosophy any subject that offers wisdom.

Pisces – Joint finances anything you share with another will be in the spotlight during this period. You may be looking at making an investment, take a joint loan out, starting a joint venture. Planning for the future, looking at retirement or looking at decreasing any debt or taxes.
-Glenne. 10th September 2016



Annular Solar eclipse in Australia SEPTEMBER 2016

Tonight’s Annular Solar eclipse in Australia which is visible across central Africa marks the ending of a 19 year old cycle. Think back to 1997 there may be certain themes showing up in your life from around then. One that comes to mind is Princess Diana’s passing 1997 and recently Prince Harry has said publically he wish he had spoken about his grief and the passing of his Mother sooner and Prince William recently consoled a man who lost his mother by sharing these moments they are keeping her memory alive.
Eclipses work like course correctors, wild cards and offer us fresh perspectives and with New Moon eclipses they offer us fresh starts sometimes we have to first let go of people, old ideas and situations that no longer work for us. Astrologically this eclipse is in the sign of hard working, service orientated and realistic Virgo we are being asked to make sure our plans are on rock solid foundations and the dreams we have are our own and not the wishes of others. The planet of communication, travel Mercury has recently gone retrograde so a good time to review, reflect and pause and breathe if any communication or technology goes awry over the next couple of weeks.
Set your intentions for the future and make some wishes tonight.
New Moon Solar Eclipse-Sep 1st 2016 -7.03pm-Glenne 1st September 2016.


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Mars the planet of action and drive passes in between the planet of responsibilities and restrictions Saturn and Antares (Heart of the scorpion) over the next couple of nights.
Mars has had a starring role in the skies since April during his retrograde phase he had us all spinning our wheels in what felt like mud and gaining no traction he has just moved into new territory.Only to bump into Saturn so we are being asked before we sprint ahead is to make sure our plans are on solid footing and realistic and we have done our homework before moving ahead.

-Glenne Clifford 24th August 2016




Tonight's nearly Full Moon will cosy up to Mars looking his best at his brightest point through his two year cycle. Mars is currently half way through his retrograde cycle so energy,drive and motivation can feel thwarted and feel like we are spinning our wheels and not gaining much traction till the end of June.
On a positive note Mercury has stationed direct and will begin to pick up speed so clearing the way for communication,travel,technology glitches and hopefully clear thinking will resume for us all.
Full Moon- Sydney Time 22nd May 7.14am.

-Glenne Clifford 21st may 2016.




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse AEST 12.51pm
Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a Supermoon (closest approach to earth) packs a powerful punch .
Full Moons are traditionally about release and letting go of old emotions. Eclipses act like wildcards they are course correctors anything can happen or nothing at all depending on where it sits in your natal chart.
The effects of eclipses can be felt up to 6 months or more after the eclipses so take note what has been occurring these last two weeks.
This eclipse also completes the current Tetrad series (4 Total Lunar eclipses in a row 2014,2015).
At the time of a Lunar Eclipse regardless of whether you witness it in your time zone or not the Moon is blocked out temporarily there is a break in the pattern where hidden things can be revealed, a time to go within to let go of what is no longer needed.
This eclipse falls in the zodiac sign of Aries (action, passion, drive, me first energy) and the opposite side is Libra (relationships, harmony, peace, balance).Themes around personal power, Independence verses how you balance this in your relationships to others may be revealed.
-Glenne Clifford 28th September 2015.



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